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Biomedical Library Services for Patrons with Disabilities

The barrier-free entrance to the Biomedical Library is approached through the Library's main entrance. This is around the right side of the Johnson Pavilion located on Hamilton Walk just west of 36th Street. Doors operate automatically by pressing buttons located to the side. Once inside the Library, enter through the center gate which will accommodate a wheelchair.

Staff in the Reference and Circulation Departments will arrange for general assistance upon request.

For additional library information please call: (215) 898-5815.

If extensive reference assistance is required, advance arrangements should be made with the Reference staff.
  • To arrange for help in using the catalogs/databases please call our Reference Desk at (215) 898-5818.
  • For help in retrieving books and periodicals from the stacks please contact Richard Simmons.

Library Workstations: Wheelchair-accessible computer workstations are located in the Biomedical Library on the ground floor. Table height terminals are located on the ground floor, directly to the right of the entrance lobby.

Optelec Magnifier System: An Optelec Spectrum visual machine is located in a carrel next to the Reference stacks on Ground Floor. This station allows one to magnify material up to 60 times its actual size with a choice of color options.

Elevator: An elevator can be entered on the ground floor. This is located beyond the stairway to the left. It provides access to all of the floors in the Library.

Fines: While the Biomedical Library has no fines, all patrons are responsible for returning library materials on time. Students should contact Rich Simmons about problems concerning overdue books.

Small Study Room for Students with special needs: A room is available in the Biomedical Library for limited use by students and their readers. This room may be scheduled in advance by contacting Rich Simmons.

Orientation: Reference Department staff are pleased to conduct orientation sessions as needed. Requests should be made to Frank Campbell, Education Coordinator or the Reference Desk.

Photocopying: Patrons are encouraged to bring a person with them to help with photocopying. If this is not possible, patrons with disabilities should contact Rich Simmons or Charles Hardy at Biomedical Circulation.

Biomedical Library Reading Assistance: Staff are available to assist patrons with disabilities in using Franklin, the online catalog, electronic resources and in retrieving materials.

Returning Books from Other Libraries: Arrangements can be made to return books from other Departmental Libraries from Biomedical. Please contact Rich Simmons.

Rest Rooms: Wheelchair-accessible rest rooms are located on the ground floor.

Telephones: Wheelchair-accessible pay phones are located in the Lobby outside the Biomedical Library entrance. Wheelchair- accessible free campus phones which can be used to dial University 417, 573, or 898 numbers, and tie lines to HUP and CHOP are available on the ground floor in the Biomedical Library Lobby.
Calls from these phones will need the 215 - prefix before dialing the number, for example, (215) 573-9999.
When dialing to HUP, please remember to dial the 215 prefix and the correct seven digit number, for example, (215) 662-9999.

Library Staff Contacts: The Biomedical Library works closely with Ancil George, email:, (215) 898 2316, the Coordinator of library service for patrons with disabilities.
The Biomedical Library urges patrons with disabilities to contact Library staff members listed here to discuss specific needs and concerns:

Richard Simmons, Circulation Desk Administrator
phone: (215) 898-4007

Charles Hardy, Biomedical Library Reserves
phone: (215) 898-58115
Patrons may also wish to bring library-related issues to Susan Shapiro ,
email:, Office of Affirmative Action, voice: (215) 898-6993; TDD: (215) 898-7803.