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Chemistry Library Services for Patrons with Disabilities

The entrance to the Chemistry Library is barrier free. A ramp to enter the building is located on the north side of the building on 34th Street. There are elevators in the main lobby that access to the fifth floor.

Patrons with disabilities are encouraged to bring a person with them to help in using the catalogs and in retrieving materials from the stacks. However, if this is not possible, library staff will arrange for assistance. Please note that telephone reference is available. Reference staff will search up to 10 items in the catalogs upon request. For additional information or to arrange for staff assistance please contact Judith Currano, Chemistry Librarian, (215) 898-2177.

Arrangements can be made to pick up Departmental Library books from Van Pelt. Please contact Jonathan Segal, (215) 898-7070, or Andrea Loigman, (215) 898-0701, for this service.

The Chemistry Library works closely Ancil George, (215) 898-2316, the Coordinator of library service for patrons with disabilities and the Office of Affirmative Action. Patrons may also wish to bring library-related issues to Susan Shapiro, Student Disabilities Services, voice: (215) 573-9235; TDD: (215) 746-6320.