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What it is:

Help crafting impactful visual representations of data including type of chart, colors, fonts, file formats, and storytelling.

How we can help:

One-on-one consultations, classroom visits, workshops/training sessions

The service is for...

Undergrads, graduate students, faculty, staff, members of the public

And someone we didn't think of earlier

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Hours calendar: Room 119 WIC, Van Pelt Dietrich Library Center

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Margaret Janz is the Scholarly Communications and Data Curation Librarian. In her workshop on Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet, she presented advanced techniques for integer sit amet hendrerit libero cras egit quam nibh.

These resources work wonderfully. Thank you very much for the journal articles. The specialists at the Library are always so helpful, and please know that the students notice and appreciate your work.
—Student, College

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