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Extract data

Get help pulling the data you need from an existing resource or format. Data might be found in HTML tables, library databases, and more.

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Find datasets

Get help finding data that others have collected. Sources may include governments, private institutions, and licensed providers.

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Generate data

Get help creating your own data! Data generation can involve simulating from a model, collecting your own measurements, or leveraging other novel methods.

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Help with Article Retrieval for Systematic Review

A systematic review (SR) is defined as "faithfully summarizing the evidence from all relevant studies on the topic of interest, and it does so concisely and transparently." Researchers employ rigorous methods to generate unbiased conclusions. Healthcare professionals and healthcare policymakers consider systematic reviews to provide high level evidence on the effectiveness of healthcare interventions.  

To assure high quality SRs, the Health and Medicine Divison at…

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Scrape data

Get help programmatically extracting pieces of information from an existing source, such as a web page. Check your target resource's terms of service to ensure it permits automated navigation, reading, or crawling.

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Survey Design

Get help designing a survey including support for selecting a tool for survey, using survey design software, and writing good survey questions.

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