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Services: Identify where to publish

What it is:

With thousands of academic journals across every field of intellectual endeavor, choosing where to submit a new piece of research or writing is increasingly daunting. Solicitations from so-called "predatory" journals increase the stakes for early-career researchers and postgraduate students. 

How we can help:

Librarians can assist researchers and authors in identifying journals to consider submitting to, and evaluating their appropriateness, quality, and congruence with the career goals of authors. Librarians have access to a variety of business intelligence and evaluation tools related to the academic publishing industry, as well as knowledge concerning publishing licensing models, the impact and influence of particular journals in different fields, and can talk with you about different approaches to disseminating research findings to diverse audiences.

The service is for...

For all Faculty, staff, and students.


Contact your subject specialist for assistance with this service. If you are unsure whom to contact, send in your question or request an appointment and we'll make sure you hear from the right person.