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Library Lounge is a Canvas-integrated library instructional service that prepares students to excel as researchers.  Our team works directly with faculty and librarians to deliver video tutorials and opportunities for personal exchange between librarians and students in their Canvas course site, all of which are customized for class research assignments.  Library Lounge puts instruction in the critical path of students who may not realize they can benefit from librarians’ expertise, and who will make strategic decisions about selecting, evaluating, citing, and producing published works.

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Faculty, Staff


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Research can be a long and daunting process for students. Library Lounge has given me a solid place to start with my research. It’s very easy to navigate, and it puts everything you need in one spot [in Canvas]. This prevents us from hunting around for things that may or may not help us with our research assignments.

—Graduate student, Graduate School of Education

I appreciate the personalized aspect of Library Lounge: that the videos can be tailored for your own class and the fact that you have a librarian assigned to your class. Those things make it very clear to us as faculty, especially with this generation of students, that the library is 100% behind student success in achieving research goals.

—Faculty, School of Arts and Sciences

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