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What it is:

Citation managment platforms or applications help you collect and manage citations in one versatile place. Most citation management platforms allow you to store a pdf with the citation, some provide a pdf reader. Most will integrate with Microsoft Word so that you can easily add in text citation, footnotes, and bibliographies. All allow you to move around among citation styles. Keeping track of your notes, citations, and pdfs in one place is a great way to save time and avoid accidental plagiarism. Most citation management platforms are free with "premium" upgrades. Some do require a fee to get started. 

How we can help:

The Libraries offers support for Refworks, Zotero, and Mendeley. We also have expertise with Endnote, NoodleTools, PowerNotes. You can review our guide to citation management , email or make an appointment for personal assistance (contacts are listed at the guide). We often have workshops scheduled for Zotero and Mendeley see our workshop calendar), and workshops can be scheduled on request. Talk to one of our Subject Librarians and reach out to one of the contacts to find out about setting something up. 

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Undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, clinicians
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Find your subject specialist listed alphabetically by subject, discipline, or field. You can also submit a question and it will be directed to the right person who will be in touch with you. You can also find contacts for the different systems at our Citation Management Tools Overview