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Services: Measure the impact of your publishing

What it is:

Measuring the scholarly impact of your research publications is achieved through publication metrics analysis or Bibliometrics. It measures how often and where a publication is cited and in some cases it can measure its impact within the context of social media. 

How we can help:

Library services can include creating publication impact reports for groups of faculty or departments using a variety of validated citation- and journal-impact measurements. Library staff can assist with collecting and visualizing publication data for various purposes, including year-on-year comparisons, identifying trends in publication in high-impact journals, measuring departmental impact against peer institutions.

The service is for...

Faculty, Staff


Contact your subject specialist for assistance with this service. If you are unsure whom to contact, send in your question or request an appointment and we'll make sure you hear from the right person. 


Bibliometric analysis of our faculty’s publications has been extraordinarily valuable for understanding at a glance and communicating the activity and impact of our faculty, including such questions as where we have been publishing, with whom we’ve been collaborating, and the extent to which our work has been cited in the literature.

—Department Chair, School of Medicine

The reports you have provided for our Center have been immensely helpful.  We’ve used them as tools to enable collaboration between researchers within the Center; methods to track research accomplishments and productivity; and as public relations material to trumpet the successes of our researchers both inside and outside of the Center.  These reports have become one of the most highly anticipated documents that we produce

—Faculty, School of Medicine and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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