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The New Shakespeare Census will be an online database that lists all known extant copies of Shakespeare editions through 1700, excluding the four folios (given that there is a recent census of F1 and a digital census of F!-4 in progress). The need for this project is great, since the last such census is now ore tan 75 years old, and since a great deal of cutting ege work in Shakespeare studies involves the examination of particular copies for the evidence they can provide of the printing, publishing, and early reception of Shakespeare.

The New Shakespeare Census includes:
  • An online database of Shakespeare editions through 1700 excluding the four folios. The database will include tables for title, edition, copy, and provenance.
  • A set of Django models defining the structure of the above database and providing the framework for the below items.
  • An authenticatecd web form allowing librarians from other institutions to enter data aboutr copies held at their institutions.
  • A publicly available site presenting data from the census allowing a range of different queries.
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