Van Pelt Circulation & Reserves Service Center

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Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, first floor East

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Circulation Service Center

Circulation, Van Pelt, first floor

Visit our Circulation Services Center to enjoy the following services:

  • Pick up your BorrowDirect, E-ZBorrow, and Inter Library Loan Requests
  • Borrow library materials such as books, DVDs, etc.
  • Pick up your Penn items on Hold requests
  • Discuss your Penn Library Account details with a library staff member
  • Discover the full scope of access your library privileges allow
  • Discover and view Microtext

Reserves Service Center

Reserves, Van Pelt, first floor

Get the most out of your classes by accessing faculty-recommended materials! At Van Pelt Reserves, we have a collection of books and DVDs curated by humanities and social sciences faculty to support their classroom instruction. We will help you determine what materials are on reserve for your classes, and then help you find those materials. We offer short-term, in-house loans for print books and DVDs. We can also assist you with accessing Electronic Reserves via your course's Canvas page.

Microform Reading Service Center

The Microform Reading Services Center is a traditional library service still available to Penn patrons. Available are two ScanPro micro text readers and desktop computers. These desktop machines are enabled to save or email a pdf version of any section of film you observe from this computer. Adjacent to the micro text reader is a compact shelving unit containing the majority of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center’s micro text collection. This area is self-serve so feel free to browse the collection or retrieve exactly what you need on your own. Not confident retrieving micro text or using this style of storage? Please ask one of our Van Pelt Circulation Desk team members for assistance.

These readers are available for the in-house use of micro text sent to you through Inter library Loan.