Fisher Fine Arts Library information for visitors & tour groups

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Visiting Fisher Fine Arts

Regarded as one of the most important library buildings in the world, the Fisher Fine Arts Library is also one of Philadelphia's great buildings and most important interiors. Every year, the Fisher welcomes visitors from all over the world; groups are also welcome. The Fisher staff provides tours to classes, conference groups, tour groups, and many others.

Photography in the Fisher Fine Arts Library

Photography is permitted throughout the Fisher Fine Arts Library though we ask all visitors to be mindful of patrons (and their privacy) studying in the library spaces.

Please note that the library cannot accommodate wedding ceremonies or engagement parties nor will it close for a photography shoot. You may be interested in the Penn Museum as a wedding venue.

People are welcome to take wedding or engagement photos in the Fisher providing they comply with the general Fisher Access Policies. We advise making arrangements ahead of time with Patty Guardiola, Director, Fisher Fine Arts Library, especially if you want to take pictures during the weekends or evenings when access is limited to the Penn community and its affiliates.

For individuals and visiting scholars

If you are interested in visiting Fisher or using its collections for your research, you may freely access the space, most weeks, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm. You will need to check in with the security guard and provide a valid photo ID. For security purposes, the guard will take a photo of the visitor. Please refer to our complete access policies for more information. Visitors will not be admitted to the Fisher Fine Arts Library during restricted access periods.

For groups

Please schedule group visits ahead of time by contacting Patty Guardiola, Director, Fisher Fine Arts Library. In many cases, a specialized tour of the library, ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, can be arranged as can special access to the building on weekends.

Accessible entrance

Fine Arts Building accessible entrance

The Fisher Fine Arts Library ADA entrance is located on the south side of the building, across from Irvine Auditorium. This entrance is open to the public from 9am to 5pm; after 5pm, only Penn ID swipe access is permitted. This entrance is accessible off of 34th street, the College Hall path, and the Irvine Auditorium parking lot. The entrance is level with the walkway and has an automatic operated door. Use this entrance to access the Fisher Fine Arts Library and the Arthur Ross Gallery via elevator. For assistance, please call 215-898-8325.


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While covered beverages are allowed, the Fisher Fine Arts Library is a no-food zone. Security checks bags upon entry to ensure food is not brought into the library. Patrons with food may store their meals in a designated cabinet outside of the library. If patrons are found with food in the library, they will be asked to take it outside of the library. Security will be called upon to assist if a patron fails to comply.

The Fisher Fine Arts Library is a quiet space. We ask patrons not to talk on their cell phones. Anyone talking on their cell phones in the reading room areas, carrels, stairwells, or stacks will be asked to leave the library to complete the call.