Shelves of colorful art materials.

Materials Library

The Materials Library is a collection of over 7000 material samples that serves academics, designers, material scientists, and engineers.

Close up of a letterpress printer.

Common Press

The Common Press is the letterpress and book arts studio at the University of Pennsylvania. It offers workshops to students, faculty, and staff; provides studio access for independent projects; and provides curricular support.


Location and Accessibility


The accessible entrance, through the Duhring Wing, leads to the elevator and the back door to the Lower Level of the Fisher Fine Arts Library. The entrance is located on the south side of the building across from Irvine Auditorium. This entrance is accessible from the path off 34th St. From College Hall, the path can be reached from the parking lot. The entrance is level with the walkway and has a PennCard operated door.

Accessible Entrance

Fisher accessible entrance

Directions to the accessible entrance:   Word   |   PDF