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Ensure long-term access to and preservation of the scholarly and cultural record in all forms.

Preserve strategies

  • Protect the integrity of the world's cultural heritage by building and safeguarding collections, with a focus on education, access, and resource-sharing.
  • Pursue effective models for the preservation and stewardship of digital and material collections through expanded and updated digitization, print retention, and web archiving.
  • Build collections for current research and pedagogical needs while actively contributing to the global scholarship of tomorrow.
Examining a manuscript in the Conservation Lab.

The Penn Libraries’ distinctive collections range from printed books to maps and ancient manuscripts; from sound recordings and digital images to e-journals and data sets. It’s crucial that we continue to build collections that not only fuel today’s research and teaching but also actively contribute to the global scholarship of tomorrow. We will lead and contribute to collaborative national and international preservation efforts to ensure the survival and stewardship of the scholarly record and cultural resources for generations to come. And we will build dynamic and inclusive repositories that expand diversity, accessibility and preservation in all formats.