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Beyond Books and Screens

Carnival Games at the Library: A Day of Fun

This Thursday, April 25, 2024, the Penn community came together to celebrate Take Our Children to Work Day, an event specially tailored for children aged 9 to 15. Faculty, staff, and postdocs were encouraged to bring their young guests to an indoor carnival game center hosted by RDDS in their RDDX space at Van Pelt Library.


The event featured a homemade smorgasbord of carnival games, brilliantly engineered by our talented colleagues from Education Commons, Tex Kang and Christine Kemp. Utilizing technologies like Arduinos, 3D printing, and laser cutting, they created interactive game booths that were not only fun but also educational.  

Among the variety of activities, children delighted in classics such as Ring Toss and Clown Knock Down, as well as unique offerings like Nerf Launcher Target, and Buzzing Wire. Other popular games included Tic Tac Toe Bean Bag, Balloon Fencing, Fishbowl Ball Bounce, and Basket Toss. The diversity of games ensured that there was something enjoyable for everyone and provided numerous opportunities to try different gaming experiences. 












The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees, who were particularly impressed by the innovative combination of technology and handcrafted games. Families left with smiles and prizes in hand from the prize table, underscoring the success of overcoming fun and interactive challenges. This vibrant atmosphere reinforced the value of educational play and set a high standard for future events. 

As we look forward to planning next year's event, we are impressed by the joy and engagement from this year's attendees and hope to welcome even more families to join in the celebration of learning and creativity. 

Lastly, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to RDDS for hosting our event in their RDDX space. We are deeply grateful for your collaboration and assistance. 



April 25, 2024