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Departmental Library Spotlight: Music Library

Posted on by Sara Vilanova

The past year has brought exciting transformations to Penn Libraries’ Otto E. Albrecht Music Library, changes that enhance its spaces and rich collections (more than 120,000 books and scores; periodicals; more than 50,000 sound recordings). New reading room tables have been installed in the Marian Anderson Study Center, a new audio-visual system and additional seating capacity have been added to the Bodek seminar room. The Class of 1958 Audio Lab features new turntables for sampling their vast vinyl collection along with playback equipment for compact discs, cassettes, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and more.

The Ormandy Music and Media Center’s group viewing rooms will soon have study tables (in addition to video viewing equipment). Information on booking these rooms is available here.

Coming soon are creative maker-spaces for musicians. Namely, two desktops and a lending Macbook with digital audio editing and composing software: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Digital Audio MAX, and Ableton Live (also Finale and Sibelius music notation tools, Garage Band, Audacity, and Adobe Creative Cloud). Three lending musical instruments will also soon be available: Yamaha Reface CS (a small, lightweight analog-modeling synthesizer/keyboard), Ableton Push and Novation Circuit (two “grooveboxes,” or drum machines, that include a sampler, sequencer, and synthesizer). Workshops to support music software will be forthcoming in the fall.

For more information on the array of resources available to you in Penn Libraries’ Otto E. Albrecht Music Library, please visit the following websites: