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German Reunification of 1990 Collection

The process of German (re-)unification, which began in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall, is the subject of several hundreds of materials in the Van Pelt Library collection.

Behind the Wall: An American in East Germany, 1988-1989 by Paul Gleye, and other works.

Collection Overview

Germans continue to refer to the integration of East and West Germany, the German Democratic Republic (GDR), or Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) with the Federal Republic of Germany--in German, die Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD) using the terms die Wiedervereinigung (literally, reunification), or die Wende, “the Turn,” representing a time and process of reconciliation, reintegration, and healing which, in some respects, continues to this day. These holdings broadly represent both non-fiction and fiction works, from novels and poetry to literary criticism, to historical writing and memoir as well as scholarly work in the social sciences.


After the Wall: Germany, the Germans, and the Burdens of History by Marc Fisher.
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Die Ausbürgerung: Anfang vom Ende der DDR, Wolf Biermann u. andere Autoren.
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Behind the Wall: An American in East Germany, 1988-1989 by Paul Gleye, and other works.
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Konkurrenzen, Konflikte, Kontinuitäten: Generationfragen in der Literatur seit 1990, von Andrea Geier und Jan Süsenbeck.
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Post-Ost-Moderne: Poetik nach der DDR von Stephan Pabst.
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Eine schwierige Ehe: Liebe, Geschlecht und die Geschichte der deutschen Wiedervereinigung im Spiegel der Literatur von Alison Lewis.
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Biografische Erfahrungen in Sozialismus / Detlef Garz, Ulrike Nagel, Anja Wildhagen (Hrsg.)
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Typisch Ossi, typisch Wessi: eine längst fällige Abrechnung unter Brüdern und Schwestern / Michael Jürgs, Angela Elis.
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Ein weites Feld von Günter Grass.
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