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University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Work Historic Publications

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  • Sociolog clip
    A publication for Alumni of the Graduate School of Social Work, University of Pennsylvania. Image taken from the cover of April 1969 cover of Sociolog Newsletter.

The University of Pennsylvania established one of the oldest schools of social work, and throughout this time it has produced a number of publications. The school, now known as the School of Social Policy and Practice, can trace its rich history through many of these works and many other schools and scholars use these works as compass for the roots of social work as an academic field.

Selected Subject Content (in order of prevalence)

  • Social work
  • Social work--Penn theses
  • Social service
  • Social work education
  • University of Pennsylvania. School of Social Work
  • Philadelphia Society to Protect Children  
  • Schools of social work
  • Educational surveys
  • Social work administration

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