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Though Penn Libraries collects in many areas of psychology there is a particular focus to collect within the areas of cognitive psychology, sensation and perception, biological psychology, learning, motivation, emotion, personality, experimental psychopathology, social psychology, individual differences, positive psychology, and developmental psychology. The department boasts the world's first psychological clinic founded in 1896 and the development of clinical psychology as a specialization.

The broad nature of the discipline is evident in the department's various collaborations. It plays a pivotal role in two important interdisciplinary efforts on campus -- cognitive science and neuroscience. It has active ties to the Schools of Medicine (especially anatomy and psychiatry) and Engineering (especially computer and information sciences), the Wharton School (especially decision sciences, marketing, and statistics), the Graduate School of Education (especially Human Development and Quantitative Methods), and to numerous Arts and Sciences Departments.

The University's psychology collection is housed primarily in the Van Pelt and the Biomedical Library. Much of the psychological content falls within the BF range of the library but with the interdisciplinary nature of psychology there is also interest in other areas such as BJ- Ethics, HM-Sociology, P-Philology/Linguistics, QP- Physiology, and RC- Internal Medicine. Bibliographic access to the collection is provided through Franklin, the Penn Library's online catalog and discovery system. Approval plans, standing orders, publisher notifications, user request, and regular review of the scholarly literature account for most of the material purchased. Although many publications of university and domestic presses come primarily on the approval plans, faculty contact and review of the scholarly literature are crucial to obtaining all relevant materials in a timely manner.

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