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The social policy and practice collection supports the research, practice, and study of social work, social welfare, social policy, and nonprofit leadership. This collection is linked with the School of Social Policy and Practice, formerly the School of Social Work, that was founded over 100 years ago. The Social Work program, situated within the School of Social Policy and Practice, has been identified as one of the oldest and well-respected in the country. In addition to the primary focus areas, the Penn Libraries purchase materials in the faculty areas of eminence including: child abuse and neglect, criminal justice and mental illness, domestic violence, geographic information systems, gerontology, homelessness, mental health, social impact on the arts, and welfare to work.  

Collection description

Most of the print collections of interest are found within the HV (social work; social welfare) area but other areas of interest include:

  • HD (nonprofit organizations and organizational behavior)
  • HM (sociology and social justice)
  • HN (social history and conditions)
  • HQ (family; marriage; women; sexuality)
  • BF (psychology; psychoanalysis)
  • E (U.S. history and policy; African American history)
  • RC (diseases of the brain; psychiatry; disorders; medical policy)
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