Barton Hirst Lippincott Memorial Fund for Acquisitions in Biomedicine

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Photo of Barton Hirst Lippincott

The Barton Hirst Lippincott Memorial Fund for Acquisitions in Biomedicine was established by Elizabeth Barton Lippincott in honor of her father, Barton Hirst Lippincott (July 26, 1925 - March 25, 2008) who devoted his professional life to medical publishing. The fund is intended to inspire new research at the University.

"Bart" and Elizabeth are from a family steeped in Philadelphia history - in publishing, medicine and education. Bart was the Chairman and President of the publishing firm, the J.B. Lippincott Publishing Company, started by his ancestor, Joshua Ballinger Lippincott who went into the publishing business in 1792 and later established the company in his own name in 1836. Bart served on the board starting in 1954, having rebuilt the medical/nursing publishing division.

Bart's great grandfather, Joseph Wharton, founded the Wharton School of Business Administration at the University of Pennsylvania. Joseph's daughter and son-in-law - Joanna Wharton Lippincott and Joshua Bertram Lippincott - later created the Lippincott Library, which still thrives at the business school.

Also noteworthy is Bart's grandfather, Barton Cooke Hirst, who was a prominent surgeon in private practice and professor of obstetrics at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, where he also received an honorary degree. He was a founder of the American College of Surgeons and also a fellow and member of many medical societies and associations in Philadelphia and in Europe. He published several textbooks regarded as "standard" among obstetricians in America and Europe.

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