Bollinger Fellow in Public and Community Data Curation

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Bollinger Fellow in Public and Community Data Curation
Karin Gilje

The Bollinger Fellow works to develop and expand sustainable models for the care of vulnerable collections of data and takes the lead in developing partnerships and strategies that ensure equitable access to data and promote data advocacy.

The work takes many forms, including collaborations with faculty, students, and community groups who share an interest in the recent history and present of Philadelphia’s black and Afrodiasporic population to make their own, locally-held collections last longer and remain part of the city’s legacy. The Bollinger Fellow also supports the Penn Libraries’ ongoing efforts toward using open government data and ensuring its long-term stability and safety in light of a changing world.

Karin Gilje is the 2020 Bollinger Fellow at the Penn Libraries.

Before coming to Penn, Karin worked at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago on the PROSPECT Experiment, a reactor neutrino experiment, and at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada on the SNO and SNO+ experiments, searching for solar neutrinos.

She graduated from St. Olaf College in 2008 with a double major in Physics and Mathematics (almost a triple major with Ancient Studies). Then, she continued her education with a PhD in High Energy Physics at Stony Brook University, received for work on the T2K experiment in Tokai-Mura, Japan. At Stony Brook, she received the John Marburger III Fellowship for Science, Engineering & Mathematics. In addition, the T2K collaboration received the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for their work in neutrino oscillation physics.

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