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Unlocking the Wonders of the Anatomage Table

Aspiring medical students, prepare to be amazed by the revolutionary resource that will change the way you study anatomy—the Anatomage Table.

Adult using the Anatomage table with skeleton displayed

With its cutting-edge technology and immersive features, this state-of-the-art tool takes digital anatomy to a whole new level. Today, we delve into the countless benefits of the Anatomage Table, an indispensable asset for your academic journey as medical students.  

The Anatomage Table is a life-sized, touch-sensitive interactive display that allows you to explore the human body in unprecedented detail. Unlike traditional textbooks or two-dimensional images, this piece of technology offers a three-dimensional, high-resolution view of anatomical structures. You can visualize intricate systems like the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems with unmatched clarity. The ability to dissect virtual cadavers and manipulate layers provides an immersive experience, allowing for a deeper understanding of anatomical structures.

One advantage of the Anatomage Table is its collaborative nature. In a medical school environment where teamwork and communication are crucial, this resource fosters a sense of shared learning. Gather around the table with your peers and engage in interactive discussions, exploring different perspectives and deepening your understanding collectively. Additionally, the table integrates seamlessly with other digital platforms, allowing you to annotate, save, and share your findings effortlessly. Whether you’re preparing for exams, enhancing your surgical skills, or creating a custom visualization, the Anatomage Table serves as an invaluable tool that adapts to your evolving academic needs.  

The Anatomage table is located near the circulation desk at the Holman Biotech Commons and is available during library hours. Visit our Anatomage guide to learn more about the Anatoamge Table or schedule a Demo.



August 22, 2023