On Sunday, December 10, 2023, 12:00 - 2:00 AM, Franklin, Colenda, and other Libraries applications may be unavailable due to a necessary system upgrade. Articles+ will be unaffected.


On-site patrons may use the library's Xerox copier and make traditional photocopies of books and articles, either black and white or color, or they may scan books and articles in order to make digital reproductions.
Patrons who are unable to visit the library may request scans which will be made by a library staff member.

Print and Copy

Black and white and color printing is available.

Printing instructions

The cost for black and white is $.07 per page for single-sided printing, and $.05 per page ($.10 per sheet) for double-sided printing.

Color printing is available in certain locations at a cost of $.28 a page, and $.20 per page ($.40 per sheet) for double-sided printing.

Copy cost

Copies are $.08 each if payment is made by PennCash (with PennCard) or Departmental card.

Copies are $.10 when payment is made in cash.

Departmental Copy Card Request Form