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Just Launched: Literary Authors from Europe and Eurasia Web Archive

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This post first appeared on the Columbia University Libraries Spotlight Blog.

The Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation is pleased to announce the launch of the Literary Authors from Europe and Eurasia Web Archive, comprised of captured website content related to literary authors (of both fiction and non-fiction essays), translators, critics, and publishers from Europe and Eurasia. Curated by Anna Rakityanskaya (Harvard University), Thomas Keenan (Princeton University), Robert Davis (Columbia University), and Anna Arays (Yale University), the Archive aims to preserve the history of the contemporary literary process as reflected in the non-print publishing activity of important literary figures and organizations.

Web archives preserve vulnerable information that may disappear from the live web and capture the ways in which selected websites have evolved over time. The Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation’s Web Resources Collecting Program is a collaborative collection development effort to build curated, thematic collections of freely available, but at-risk, web content in order to support research at participating Libraries. Learn more about the program and explore additional collections here.