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"SBJ Atlas" written in red on a blue background with a stylized graphic representing the god Atlas holding a globe.

With social distancing measures still in place, most of us probably won’t be attending any Major League Baseball games this year. Nevertheless, the season is still scheduled and Opening Day is quickly approaching. If you want to follow your favorite team and learn about your fellow fans, try using Sports Atlas, an online database available to Penn Libraries students, faculty, and staff.

Sports Atlas is a new database put out by the publishers of Sports Business Journal. It collects information about professional sports leagues, their member teams, venues, and sponsorships. You can track a team’s sponsored brands, view stadiums, gain insight into the fans of the team based on their social media followers. your favorite team’s recent deals, and get an idea of its fans and their interests.

Sports Atlas is fun to explore, but it’s also an important tool for anyone researching sports business management, brand sponsorship & major deals, or audience demographics in the fan market.

See Sports Atlas in action at the Lippincott Library blog.



March 26, 2021