Veterinary Library Wellness Room

Practice self-care by using the Vet Library Wellness Room located in the back of the library. We have meditation equipment and comfy seating to help you relax in this study-free environment.

A well-organized room with a mix of work and relaxation elements. Features include a wooden chair with a paper, an exercise ball, a covered sofa, a table with lamps, and artworks on the walls.

Room Policies

  • This room is for relaxing activities, not studying
  • You do not need a reservation to use this room
  • This room can be used by groups or individuals
  • Limit your time to 1 hour
  • No food, drinks (except water), or smoking
  • No sleeping 

Where to copy, print, and scan

Accordion List

3-4. Seating includes an armchair, a bean bag chairs, and floor pillows.

  • Yoga mats
  • Exercise ball and bands
  • Rock lamps
  • SAD lamp
  • Zen garden
  • Fountain
  • Coloring books
  • Puzzles


Second Floor, Hill Pavilion
Veterinary Medicine: Atwood Library & Information Commons

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