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Carrels in Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center


Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
3rd & 4th floors
of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
Class of 1944 Carrel Center (3000 - 3041, VP-DLC 3 East)
Carrels 3100 - 3170 (VP-DLC 3 East)
Carrels 3200 - 3256 (VP-DLC 3 West)
Carrels 3400 - 3434 (VP-DLC 3)
Carrels 3500 - 3510 (VP-DLC 3 East)
Carrels 4000 - 4044 (VP-DLC 4 East)
Carrels 4100 - 4180 (VP-DLC 4 East)
Carrels 4200 - 4207 (VP-DLC 4 West)
Carrels 4400 - 4468 (VP-DLC 4)

Assigned carrels: Most carrels are shared by two people, each having an individual shelf for library books. Others may sit at carrels when they are not being used by the carrel holder, but carrel holders have seating priority at their own carrels.


Books charged to carrels: Students may charge circulating library books to their carrels. Books may not be taken from the building while they are charged to a carrel, but may be recalled by other users.

More spaces for

Carrels may be reserved by students on the first day of the academic year and may be renewed for the summer. Please consult Circulation Staff for rules and restrictions.