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Video recording rooms

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Video recording rooms

Rooms 126 - 129
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
Class of 1978 Group Study Room (126)
Alberto A. Vitale Group Study Room (127)
Seltzer Family Group Study Room (128)
Charles D. Dickey, Jr., Group Study Room (129)
HDMI and VGA connections
Large HD display screen
PC desktop
Video camera attached to the computer screen
Video camera installed at ceiling level
Video recording system
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Food & drink rules

Non-aromatic food and drink are allowed in these rooms.


Nearby bathrooms

Nearest bathroom is immediately above on the second floor: Take an elevator from WIC. One accessible, gender-neutral bathroom is located at the west end of the library in the Lippincott space.
See WIC floor plan to locate the elevator lobby.  |  See 2nd floor plan.