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Penn's School of Social Policy & Practice's program in Nonprofit Leadership focuses on leadership opportunities in nonprofits, social enterprises, international NGOS, education systems, social services agencies, art and cultural institutions, foundations, and volunteer organizations. The program has a particular emphasis on "social innovation and impact" ( 

Physical collections for nonprofit leadership are housed primarily in the Van Pelt Library. Collections for the school are primarily found within the HV section (social and public welfare) but due to the interdisciplinary nature of nonprofit leadership the collections are spread throughout the library. Areas of interest could include- 

  • HD 62.6 (nonprofit organizations and management)
  • HD 2769.15 (nonprofit organizations and industry)
  • HD 8039.N65 (nonprofit organization employees) 
  • HF 5686 (nonprofit organizations)
  • HG 4027.65 (nonprofit organizations and finance)
  • HM 1261-1263 (leadership in social psychology)
  • HM 1176-1281 (social influence and social psychology)
  • HM 683 (social integration)
  • HN 25 (social indicators)
  • JK 468 (Leadership in the US and public administration)
  • KBP 3593 (nonprofit associations)
  • KF 6449 (nonprofit organizations and income tax)
  • KF 3452.N65 (nonprofit organizations and management-labor relations)
  • KF 3580.N65 (nonprofit organizations and labor law)
  • P 96.S64-.S642 (social integrations and communication)
  • Z 164.N64 Nonprofit organizations bibliographies)
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