The main entrance to the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center is now open. Van Pelt Library and the Fisher Fine Arts Library are currently open to Penn Card holders, Penn affiliates, and certain visitors. See our Service Alerts for details.

Fourth Floor of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center

fourth floor plan, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center. Full description is linked below.Read description of floor plan

First floor, east wind and connector between wings:

  • Moelis Family Grand Reading Room
  • popular magazines
  • reference stacks
  • the Collaborative Classroom
  • Government Documents
  • Goldstein Electronic Classroom (Room 114)
  • ,
  • Kamin Gallery
  • Card Catalog
  • PennCash center
  • Class of 1964 Electronic Look-up Center
  • Moelis Lounge
  • Moelis Electronic Research Center
  • Information Desk
  • Circulation
  • Current Periodicals
  • Class of 1963 Microtext Center
  • Daily Newspapers
  • New Books
  • New York Times (NYT) Best Sellers
  • S. T. Lee Lounge
  • Interactive Learning Porch

Description of the floor plan

The fourth floor holds the Otto Albrecht Music Library, stacks: B, H, J-L, M, Dewey 900s, and Folios; Freedman Jewish Sound Archive, Marian Anderson Music Study Center, Bodek Conference Room, Folio Room 452, Faculty Studies, Film Viewing Rooms, Film Studies Classroom Room (425), Glossberg Recording Suite, Class of 1958 Audio Lab, Eugene Ormandy Media Center (Room 424), Yarnall Collection, PennCash Center, Class of 2003 Parents Study Lounge, Class of 2003 Parents Group Study Room, Class of 1928 Lounge, Class of 1973 Group Study Room, David B. Weigle Judaica/Ancient Near East Seminar Room (JANES, Room 401), Weigle Teaching Room 402, Weigle Group Suite (Rooms 403 and 404), Weigle Medieval Studies Room (405), men's and women's bathrooms; gender-neutral, accessible bathrooms

Location and Accessibility


The accessible entrance of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center opens into the Goldstein Undergraduate Study Center. This entrance is on the ground floor of the building facing Blanche P. Levy Park and College Hall. A wheelchair accessible doorbell is located on the railing leading toward the door.

Additional Information

Accessible Entrance

Accessible entrance on the ground floor. A brick walk leads from the north side of Levy Park to the accessible door. At the end of the walk are 2 doors. The accessible door is on the right.

Directions to the accessible entrance:   Word   |   PDF