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World War I ambulance in bombed village

This database tells the story of medical advances during warfare from the mid-nineteenth century to the outbreak of the influenza epidemic in 1918 and the discovery of penicillin in 1927. The wealth of documents cover multiple conflicts as well as interwar developments from a range of perspectives.

Material has been sourced from across the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada to enable comparisons on key areas of systematic reform, improvements to sanitation and the treatment of disease, rehabilitation, nursing care, surgical techniques and wound treatment.

Coverage focuses on The Crimean War, The American Civil War and World War I, although other conflicts are also included.  Major themes include:

  • Ambulance Systems
  • Disability
  • Hospital Care
  • Medical Developments and Equipment
  • Mental Health
  • Nursing
  • Personal Experience
  • Public Health, Welfare and Reform
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sanitation
  • Women at War



August 22, 2019