Van Pelt-Dietrich Library
Center Stack Directory


Library of Congress Call Numbers

Call number letter Library of Congress classification Floor and wing of building
A General Works 3 West
B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion 4 East
C History: Auxiliary Sciences 5 East
D History: General and European 5 East & West
E History: United States 5 West
F History: Western Hemisphere 5 West
G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation 5 West
H Social Science, Economics, Sociology 4 East
J Political Science 4 East & West
K Law 4 West
L Education 4 West
M Music 4 West
NX Fine Arts Multidisciplinary 3 East
P Literature and Languages 3 East & West
Q Science 3 West
R Medicine 3 West
S Agriculture 3 West
T Technology 3 West
U Military Science 3 West
V Naval Science 3 West
Z Bibliography and Library Science 3 West

Lippincott Books

Located on Floors 2 & 3, West


For More Information

If the book you want is not on the shelf and is not charged out, check

  • the book sorting areas facing the east elevators on floors 3 & 4
  • the book trucks on floors 3 - 5
  • Copy machine areas in 1 East and on floor 3
OR fill out a search form (at the Circulation Desk or in the elevator lobbies in the stacks).
OR use the "Report it missing" link in Franklin.






Special Locations in Van Pelt


If a book’s call number contains one of the prefixes listed below, then that book is in a Special Location.

Prefix Special Location
Bestsellers Lee Lounge, 1 East
East Asia East Asia Collection 5 West
East Asia Comics East Asia Collection, 5 West
E. F. Smith Use "Request to View" in Franklin Catalog
Folio Oversized book, 4 West
Furness Furness Shakespeare Library, 6 East
Kislak Center Use "Request to View" in Franklin Catalog
Lea Library Use "Request to View" in Franklin Catalog
Lippincott, Lipp Lippincott Library, 2 & 3 West
Marian Anderson 4 West Music Study Center
New Book Display Van Pelt-Dietrich Lobby
Ormandy Music &
Media Center
4 West
Reserve Van Pelt-Dietrich Reserve Desk, 1 East
Special Use "Request to View" in Franklin Catalog
LIBRA LIBRA Collection. Use "Place
Request" in Franklin Catalog
Videos Request at Circulation Desk, 1 East
Yarnall Yarnall Collection, 4 West
Naval Science 3 West
Bibliography and
Library Science
3 West

Seminar Rooms in Van Pelt

(Books do not circulate.)

Seminar Room Floor and wing of building
Africana Studies 3 East
Classics 3 East
East Asia 5 West
Judaica/Ancient Near East 4 East
Medieval Studies 4 East
Middle East 5 West
Marian Anderson (Music) 4 West
South Asia Studies Reading Room 5 West