GISday banner with text "Visualizing Space With ArcGIS/ArcMap & QGIS"

The Data Jam theme during week 5 was on Visualizing Space. The week was also when a GIS Day event is celebrated internationally. Penn Libraries celebrates the annual GIS Day event by hosting a diverse group of GIS related activities on campus.

One of the activities was a workshop on Visualizing Space with ArcGIS/QGIS. The workshop explored the various components of the ESRI's ArcMap and the free and open source QGIS interface and tools, creating a new map, adding data layers, changing layer symbol and display properties, setting layer symbol, creating map layouts with legends, titles, north arrows, and other map elements.

Lessons Covered

  • Spatial data models, file formats, and coordinate reference systems
  • Explore the various components of ArcGIS/ArcMap & QGIS interfaces, tools, extensions and plugins
  • Adding data layers and base map
  • Changing layer symbol and display properties
  • Creating map print layouts with legend, title, and scale
  • Exporting maps
  • Opening delimited text files (csv) and EXCEL Sheets
  • Opening delimited text files (csv) and EXCEL Sheets containing coordinate data
  • Joining two tables
  • Running geo-processing tools

See the workshop slides containing the main outlines and links to further resources and watch the recording.