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RPenn Group Roundup Fall 2023

Roundup of the Fall 2023 semester sessions of RPenn Group.

R packages and libraries in space

What worked?

R Libguide:

Text and Data Mining with R:

View Recordings:

6 Speakers: 

  • Hannah Shoenhard shared how you can visualize using GGPlot
  • Greg Ridgeway shared how you can incorporate GPT to R.
  • Q&A on LexisNexis' Nexis Uni with Julia Cope
  • Developing Publication Quality Figures with Patchwork on R by Lev Litichevskiy
  • Making posters with R using posterdown by Jinyi Kuang
flyer with information on speakers for RPenn group: Greg and Hannah Shoenhard.
RPG poster for speakers with info and headshots of Lev and Julia Cope

What can be improved?

Attendance Stats: With a maximum of 7 people attending in a session, and sometimes just 3, outreach, days of the week, or timings can be revised. 

For Future sessions:

  • RPG could be made truly hybrid, since we are recording the sessions via Zoom anyway.
  • Libcal details:
    • What is RPenn Group? Join us for a productive co-working session where you can dream up mini projects, brush up on statistical skills, collaborate with the campus-wide R community, or just hang out with other folks who are into R & data science!
    • Where is it held? RPG is by the Research Data & Digital Scholarship team at the Penn Libraries at Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center 1st floor, RDDSX.
    • Where can I find more?
    • How can I present my project / favorite package or rant about R?
    • We welcome mask wearing in the close quarters of the room. Thank you for your consideration.
    • Room Description: The RDDSX encourages in-person activity, brainstorming, and co-working. 
    • Software: We will be working with RStudio.
    • Duration: 60 minutes
    • Additional Training Materials: R Guide

Related Classes at UPenn: 

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STAT 4050  Statistical Computing with R 
STAT 7050  Statistical Computing with R 
BDS 5550  Groups and Networks 
BEPP 8930  Business Economics Analysis w/Data for Non-Coders 
BIOL 4511  Biological Data Analysis 
BIOL 5511  Biological Data Analysis 
CIS 5450  Big Data Analytics 
CPLN 5050  Planning by Numbers 
CPLN 7900  MUSA/Smart Cities Practicum 
DATA 1010  Introduction to Data Analytics 
DATA 2100  Intermediate Data Analytics 
DATA 3100  Introduction to Statistical Methods 
DATA 4010  Advanced Data Analytics 
ECON 2310  Econometric Methods and Models 
EPID 6250  Advanced Biostatistical Methods for Multivariable Prediction Models 
ESE 5410  Machine Learning for Data Science 
GAFL 6400  Program Evaluations and Data Analysis 
MKTG 9400  Measurement and Data Analysis in Marketing - Part A 
MKTG 9410  Measurement and Data Analysis in Marketing - Part B 
MUSA 8010  MUSA/Smart Cities Practicum 
OIDD 2450  Analytics and the Digital Economy 
PSCI 1800  Introduction to Data Science 
PSCI 1801  Statistical Methods PSCI 
PSCI 6801  Statistical Analysis for Political Science II 
PSYC 4463  Research Experience Course in Clinical Psychological Data Analysis 
STAT 4020  Communicating Quantitative Analyses: A Capstone Course 
STAT 4100  Data Collection and Acquisition: Strategies and Platforms 
STAT 4220  Predictive Analytics for Business 
STAT 4420  Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis 
STAT 4700  Data Analytics and Statistical Computing 
STAT 4710  Modern Data Mining 
STAT 5030  Data Analytics and Statistical Computing 
STAT 5710  Modern Data Mining 
STAT 7010  Modern Data Mining 
STAT 7100  Data Collection and Acquisition: Strategies and Platforms 
STAT 7220  Predictive Analytics for Business 
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URBS 4300  Quantitative Methods and Tools for Urban Research 



December 4, 2023