Author: Cassandra Hradil

Digital Humanities Specialist

Cassandra serves as a liaison between the Libraries’ Center for Research Data & Digital and the Price Lab. She specializes in managing and supporting digital projects across a range of media. Her interests include archival information systems, decolonial mapping, queer interfaces, e-textiles, and feminist data visualization.

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D3 (Data Driven Documents) is an open source Javascript library that is widely used by data experts, creative technologists, and scholars to create and share many different kinds of data visualizations on the web. D3 is a “web-first” visualization library, making it a great tool for creating an interactive visualization that can be embedded in a larger digital project.

Screenshot of a data visualization titled "Fictional TV + Movies by Genre, 1980-2021." The left side of the screen shows the script that was used to generate the visualization on the right. The x-axis is time, while the y-axis is genre.

Cassidy Holahan (PhD Candidate in the English Department) and Anyelina Wu (senior, Fine Arts + Computer Science) teamed up with DH specialist Cassandra Hradil and project lead Mélanie Péron (senior lecturer in the French Department) on the Occupied Paris project. Occupied Paris brings together research, oral histories, archival materials, and maps on approximately ten key figures who experienced the Nazi occupation of Paris during WWII.

Buildings in Paris destroyed by Allied bombings